Dear Schizophrenia

Dear Schizophrenia

You used to own me

I was a slave

Obedient to your every command

I would hang onto your every word

And do anything you said

But I’m breaking free and running for the hills


So now i own you

You will obey me

You can’t force me to do the things that i used to

You can’t control me anymore


Dear Schizophrenia

You’re struggling now and fighting back

You climb the hill and bring me back to your pit

You subject me to the torture same as you used to


But I’ve been here before

I’m stronger now i know how this works

And I know the score

It’s four one to you

But you’re scared you try harder

Because I know how I can get free


Dear Schizophrenia

You used to haunt my dreams at night

You used to be the monster lurking behind every door

And under every bed

You used to tell me there was only one way to make you go away

I’d comply and would wake with my sheets stained red


But now it’s your turn

I may be down on points but that doesn’t mean I still can’t win

I can end this.

We’re fighting and we’re struggling but you lose your footing and you slip

Down on the ground.

You are out.

I win.


Dear Schizophrenia

You stole four years of my life

I can’t get back that time

You left me for dead on many occasions

I can’t unsee my mothers face

You put me in chains

You put me in jail and you threw away the key

I missed countless opportunities


But thank you for making me stronger

Thank you for showing me who my true friends are

If I can beat you and keep you at bay

I can beat anything

I can handle anyone

I know I’m strong enough to take on whatever challenge comes my way.


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